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L anchor bolt

l shaped anchor bolt
L shaped anchor bolt

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l anchor bolt (l shaped bolt)

L anchor bolt - kabi steel - anchor bolt l type - anchor bolt l shape - l shaped anchor bolt
L Anchor Bolt for secure, robust fastening in construction – ideal for heavy-duty anchoring with reliable load support.

Various kind of l shaped anchor bolts (l bolts) for construction projects for example concrete, foundation ,nuts and screw ,trading towers, residential towers, industrial equipment for example: l shaped machine threaded anchor, l shaped threaded bolts and structures based on ASTM A307 , ASTM F1554 up to size 100 mm dia and 6 m length.

Also The L-Bolt anchor bolts are used to attach sill plates to concrete or masonry foundations, provide anchorage for light weight post bases and for general anchorage to concrete.

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Product Name
MATERIAL l bolts
Type of Thread
Threaded Section
l anchor bolt sizes
Diameter Tolerance
Bend Length
Added Services
l anchor bolt (anchor bolt l shape)
Carbon Steel
4.8 – 5.8 – 6.8 – 8.8 – 10.9 – 12.9
Millimeter – Inch , ….
All length threaded , One side threaded , Two side threaded
(3/16”-4”) – (M12-M100)
± 0.05 mm
140 mm – 3000 mm
up to customer request
Plain, ZincPlated(Clear/Blue/Yellow/Black), black oxide, H.D.G, DAC,GOEMET
Bending shape (L shape , U shape , J Shape , … ) – Forging , …
pallet , Based on Customer’s request

Product details

The process for creating a anchor bolt l shape, the manufacturing process typically involves the following steps: 1- cutting the steel rod 2- Bending the end 3- Threading the other end 4-Heat treating (optional) 5- Galvanizing or coating 6- Quality control.

An anchor bolt is a type of fastener that is used to secure objects or structures to a concrete or masonry surface. The bolt is typically made of steel and is embedded into the concrete or masonry during construction.

The most common type of anchor bolt is the L shaped anchor bolt, which has a bent end that
resembles the letter “L”. The bent end is embedded into the concrete or masonry, while the other end
protrudes from the surface.

Anchor bolts are commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures to provide a secure connection between the structure and the foundation. They are also used in the
installation of heavy machinery and equipment, as well as in the installation of fences, guardrails, and other types of barriers.