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plain round bar - hot rolled round bar and cold drawn round bar and export in iraq - turkye - oman - dubai

Buy plain round bars | Daily Prices

Buy plain round bars at daily prices with the possibility of exporting to Persian Gulf and Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq, Turkey, the UAE (dubai), and Oman.

Plain round bar, lacking ribs, is generally referred to as plain round bar. This product is extensively used in construction projects. As you know, round bar available in the market are categorized into two types: ribbed and plain bars, each having different characteristics. Ribbed round bars are offered in the market in three forms: spiral, helical, and composite. plain round bar, in general, are divided into two categories: branch and coil. Below, we aim to familiarize you further with the characteristics of plain round bar and its industrial applications.

Introduction to Plain round bar

Generally, this product is used in concrete to compensate for the low tensile strength of the concrete. The diameter mentioned in the round bar identification sheet is its nominal diameter. This steel section has a datasheet detailing its product analysis. The use of this type of round bar can also be seen in industry and construction.

Types of Plain round bar

Plain round bars are divided into various categories based on material, diameter, or appearance. For example, based on the type of steel used in this product, it can be classified as
or black rebars.

In terms of diameter, this product is produced in various sizes, each with diverse applications.

Another classification divides plain round bars into industrial and hot-rolled types. Industrial plain round bars are made from st37 steel and exhibit very high quality. Hot-rolled plain round bars , on the other hand, are produced using the hot rolling method. Below, we will examine these products in detail.

Industrial Plain round bar

This product is manufactured using st37 steel and is available in various sizes and diameters in the market. The standard for producing industrial plain round bars  differs between countries. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the standard used and the method of production when purchasing this product. Industrial plain round bars are generally available in sizes ranging from 6 to 20 millimeters and with high quality.

As the name suggests, this product is used in large industries such as automotive, construction, and blacksmithing. To produce this product, billets are subjected to high temperatures and then proceed to the rolling stage. The quality and daily price of round bars in the market vary among different brands based on the standard type and production method

kabisteel company

Hot-rolled plain round bar is one of the most popular products in the steel market due to its high quality resulting from the production method. To produce this product, steel billets are heat-treated in the first stage. Once reaching a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius, these raw materials are sent for rolling. The formed round bars are then prepared for packaging and quality control.

The production of plain round bar using the cold rolling method is more common among manufacturers. In this method, after hot rolling, the product is cooled, increasing the round bar’s resistance. Plain round bar produced by cold rolling have higher resistance compared to hot-rolled products. These products are considered a suitable option for use in earthquake-prone areas.

To produce this round bar, billets are initially placed in designated rows in furnaces at 1100 degrees Celsius using hydraulic jacks. When the billets are placed inside the furnace, they are prepared for rolling at high temperatures using swirling currents. After reaching the desired temperature for rolling, the raw materials are sent to the production line and then placed on the rollers and sent to the next stage.

In the next stage, the diameter of the billets is reduced in three stages and their length increased. After this stage, the products are sent to the cutting stage to be cut into specific lengths. The products manufactured under certain conditions are cut according to the ISIRI specification in Iran and then properly packaged in the final stage.

Applications of Plain round bars

This product is used as circular round bars in structural members of reinforced concrete or concrete buildings. In some cases, this type of product is mistakenly used as thermal rebars in construction, which is a common mistake in construction. Additionally, this product can be used in industrial columns and facades, while more complex plain reinforcement applications are used in construction and concrete structures. Now, let’s review the main applications of plain rebars in construction and industry.

In Construction: In reality, this product is more commonly used in the industry and rarely in construction. Plain round bar barare used to manufacture raw bars and high-quality products in large industries. The only use of plain round bars in construction is as circular round bars in structural members of reinforced concrete, and any other use will have legal implications.

In Industry: The greatest use of plain round bars in the industry is for manufacturing raw bars, screws, and bolts. As mentioned, due to the absence of ribs on the surface of this product and low friction, it is not used for reinforcement. One of the most important characteristics of plain round bars is their suitable cutting and bending capabilities, making them suitable for use in blacksmithing and welding.

Standards for Plain round bars

This type of round bar is referred to as “plain bar” according to the old standards like A1 and “plain round bar 240” according to the modern standards. Plain round bars  are produced in diameters ranging from 6 to 200 millimeters. This product is manufactured in domestic and foreign factories according to various standards. The manufacturing method, equipment used, and standards applied lead to differences in the final quality of plain round bars.

How To buy plain round bar (hot-rolled and cold-rolled)

To buy plain round bar (both hot-rolled and cold-rolled) at competitive daily prices, you can contact Kabi steel customer service through the request form or directly communicate with them (WhatsApp). Additionally, Kabi steel Company is currently exporting industrial plain rebars to Iraq, Turkey, the UAE (dubai), and Oman, with daily production.